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The key benefit of living in Cebu, Philippines are the beaches. Although they vary in quality as you get away from the largest cities you will find the best and most pristine beaches with white sand, clear sparkling water and places to scuba dive among reefs.

Some of the best beaches in the Philippines are located around Bantayan Island. It is located in the north-west of Cebu Province, and accessible by ferry. There are 3 towns on the island and thus more to do as compared to Borocay.

Fishermen from Bantayan supply Cebu residents with fresh fish including squid.

Another very popular activity on Cebu is that of "Island Hopping". From Maribago which is central Cebu you can hire a boat to take you to Olango Island which has white beaches and great for swimming and snorkelling. Lunch is available at many floating restaurants. Not a cheap outing but if you want fresh seafood and great photo opportunities then this should be on your list of places to visit.

Closer to the largest city or in the largest city we have the following..

Fort San Pedro which was built by the Spaniards 1565 and meant to keep a watchful eye for pirates. And from that time to now it has served as prison during the Philippine revolution, as a U.S. Army barracks and also as a city zoo for several years. To-day the fort has been transformed into a park/museum that provides visitors information about Cebu history. The fort is located on Legaspi St. near the pier.

Ayala Center Cebu is a large shopping mall at the Cebu Business Park, Archbishop Reyes Avenue, Cebu City. It is the first Ayala Shopping Center to be built outside Metro Manila. On average more than 90,000 people visit Ayala Center on weekdays, and more than 130,000 peple visiting the Center on weekends. One of the key attractions is "The Terraces", a redevelopment that converted a plain lagoon area into a dining area beautifully landscaped.

Colon Street which is the oldest street in Philippines has good boutiques here and for other articles of interest too Colon Street does not have any parallel. Located in the downtown area of Cebu City the street was built by the Spaniards and has cinemas, theaters, restaurants, and department stores. Worth a visit for the avid shopper.

As to getting around town and out or town..

By rule, taxis in the Philippines are cheap. Where in some countries and cities it is difficult to make the drivers to use the meter... here in Cebu this is not actually an issue, since most of the taxi drivers will turn it on as you board the car. IF not, then insist on it on go to another taxi. Taxis are normally white-coloured in Cebu and widely available.

Public Transport..
One may take a colorful jeepney or a bus at a minimal fare. Tricycles (motorcycles with sidecars) are popular in outlaying areas and in the suburbs, quiet notably within Mactan Island.

SuperCat Ferry to/from Cebu and Tagbilaran
From Cebu, one can take a fast 1 1/2 hour ferry ride to Tagbilaran, which is the capital of Bohol. One way tickets cost aproximately 480 Pesos. Fast and large and comfortable is how we would describe the craft. And there is a restaurant on board in case you get hungry.

The two main fast craft ferry companies that service Tagbilaran and Cebu route are Weesam and Oceanjet. Weesam is approximately 350 pesos one way making the trip in about 2 hrs. while Oceanjet is approximately 480 pesons and cuts the trip in 1.5 hrs.

From Manila, a short 1 hour plane ride will get you to Lapu-Lapu city airport in Cebu.

Easy to get around be it by boat, bus, rented vehicles, and aircraft and relatively inexpensive. Exercise some caution and judgement in selecting motorized boats as the cheapest ones can be overcrowded.

Many things to do and places to visit in Cebu.

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