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Filipino Foods

Filipino food consist mostly of vegetables, seafood, dairy, meat and rice.

And dishes and cooking methods from China, Spain, Mexico, and the United States.

Common items on a dinner table would include: - (kinilaw na tanguingue) mackerel dressed with vinegar, ginger, onions, hot peppers, amd perhaps coconut milk

- grilled tiger shrimp

- (sinigang na baboy) pork and vegetables in a broth soured with tamarind

- possbily (pansit) noodles once Chinese, now Filipino

- definately (lechon) spit roasted pig

- desserts have Spanish influence with items such as (leche flan) caramel custard, local fruits in syrup (coconut, santol, guavas) and American cakes and pies.

The most popular foods tell us about about Philippine history.

Philippine cuisine has evolved over several centuries from its Malay Polynesian origins to Latin American and Spanish dishes brought here during the Spanish colonial period. And it has also been influenced by Chinese, American, and other Asian cuisine.

Filipinos traditionally eat three main meals a day plus an afternoon snack.

Meals vary from fried fish and rice to lechon (roasted pig), longganisa (Philippine sausage), torta (omelette), adobo (chicken and/or pork braised in garlic, soy sauce and vinegar), mechado (beef or pork cooked in tomato sauce), afritada (pork or beef simmered in a tomato sauce with vegetables), sinigang (pork, fish, or shrimp in tamarind stew), pancit (stir-fried noodles) and lumpia (fresh or fried spring rolls).

When having dinner with a Filipino family or Filipino friends you will find the women thoroughly enjoy being together in the kitchen and preparing the different dishes. It takes hours of preparatory work to get the ingridients cut up, cooked and presented.

And in the end it is all worth it as you are not treated to a meal but rather to a "Feast".

Having dined with Filipino friends I can attest to the fact their when they invited me to dinner it was the best dinner I have ever had and I would select it over any fancy restaurant in my home town.

Appetizers to start with, I simply love the Sinagong soup with rice and Mechado with beef I cannot get enough of it. Add fish and shrimps, desserts of all types including North American style pies and cakes and you will be loosening your belt buckle a few more notches before the meal is done.

Not only is it the most delicious meal I could ever ask for .. but the company matches the meal. Everyone is smiling and happy and talkative and after the meal listening to music, dancing, and even charades are common.

Filipino's are fantastic hosts and one cannot compliment them enough and than them enough when the night comes to an end.

And I almost forgot to mention..
it is common for everyone to bring something(s) when they are invited for a meal. It can be fruits, cakes, and even items cooked at home and the ladies likely discuss this in advance and know what each is preparing (their best dish).

Simple delicious meal and fantastic hosts !!!

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