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Cost of Living in Cebu Philippines page heading

Cost of Living anywhere in the world is dependant upon you and your lifestyle.

We have had teenagers say they cannot live on that amount and we believe them. And we have had retiree's who have lived together... foreigner and his Filipina girlfriend.. tell us that they have been living on much less and very comfortably thank you with cable tv and internet and western toilet and eating well.

The table below is an example of living costs for a single person and that includes rental house with internet, cable tv or satellite tv, eating well and having fun.

Cost of Living as at Jan/10 for Cebu

Fully furnished 2 bedroom 1 bathroom house with util. incl. as well as cable tv or sat tv and hi speed internet   
3 meals daily including snacks of fresh fruits      
travel by bus or motorcycle approximately 8 times a month
dinner with entertainment outings with some alcohol usage approximated at 6 times a month
movie at the mall twice monthly plus movie 8 movie rentals
miscellaneous  - toiletries, medical pay as you go, etc.
Total $750

It does not include bar fining three times a week or drinking to excess at bars or spending money wastely. Our cost of living calculation is based on knowing how to live in Cebu and spending money wisely.

Medical costs would be pay as you go at local clinics and hospitals unless you have some sort of coverage you can bring with you from your home country.

We remind our website visitors that the Cost of Living estimates could be lowered but we consider our estimate to be based on a comfortable living style.. not grand, not luxurious, not doing without, but living and eating well and for a single person.

What happens when we bring a Filipina girlfriend into the equation and estimates you may ask?

Well, the cost only goes up marginally with a Filipina girlfriend.

She can do the grocery shopping, pays less for local transportation, can cook, clean, and do some nursing. Pay her a monthly allowance and help out her family where required and it should net out .. additional costs at $200 US a month less savings of $100 US for an incremental cost of $100 US bringing the total for 2 people .. foreigner and Filipino girlfriend to approximately $850 US a month total Living Costs.

Once can spend less and live happily and one can spend much more and not be happy. The key for the single foreigner who is a male is often having a nice Filipina as a girlfriend as she knows how to deal with the two pricing system, how to negotiate, how to live with occasionaly power failures or water disruptions.

If you want to live in the largest city, or live in a secure compound, or live on the beach it will cost you more.

Often when people retire they know they have to live on a budget and if they know how then they still live happily. A matter of knowing how.

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