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Specialists in Re-locating to Cebu, Thailand

telephone icon By telephone We give out our telephone number to our clients but have stopped listing it as too many phone calls day and night from non clients seeking Free Information
email icon By e-mail "Thailand"
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We are in the process of opening our office in Cebu and having staff on hand to assist our clients.

Deposit can be made by either Western Union or MoneyGram
or by bank transfer:

Western Union - simply click on this link

then select "Country" you are from at top right

then select from either "Online, At a Location or by Phone"

and we recommend using their "Money in Minutes" service
for sending funds to Thailand .

Forward to :

* we will provide name of person to send to *

and them simply email us name and country of sender and the MTCN # you are given by Western Union.


MoneyGram - simply click on this link

You can select from same day service
you can select economy service and fee is bit less and funds are received in 3-5 days.

Forward to:

* we will provide name of person to send to *

When the transaction is completed you will receive Transaction # from MoneyGram and you simply email that number to us, with name and country of sender.

With Western Union and MoneyGram the deposit forwarded to us can be applied against a credit card online from home or office and is safe and secure. Keep in mind that Western Union or MoneyGram fee is the responsibility of the sender.


Bank transfer and we will provide name of individual and account details.

Our sister site in Chiang Mai, Thailand

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