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Best Place in the World to Retire page heading

Our clients are average people who have some pensions and or some savings and look for affordable places to retire which are safe, clean, and can offer the lifestyle that they are accustomed to.

FOR THESE PEOPLE, the best place in the world to retire is Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The reason we stipulate "For these people" is that if you are a multi millionaire you may prefer Cannes, Riviera, California or Florida upscale areas.

For the common person Chiang Mai, Thailand is the top retirement city in the world and Cebu, Philippines comes in a close second.

The reasons Chiang Mai has proven very popular as a retirement destination are:

- attractive, sincere Thai ladies who will be girlfriends or wives to foreign men who are 10-40 years older than them and not mind it one bit.

- very safe place to live be it in a housing compound or even among the Thai people

- healthcare is readily accessible and affordable

- delicious Thai foods and many fruits grown locally that are cheap

- Chiang Mai is a clean city and a very popular tourist city and one needs not even know how to speak Thai in order to live here

- the climate is perfect 4 months of the year, hot for 2-3 months and rainy for 2 months and retiree's realize this and can deal with it long term without complain .. some clients actually tell us they prefer the rainy season

Proof of the fact that Chiang Mai is a great retirement city is that retiree's living here Do Not Want To Leave. And that says alot about Chiang Mai.

Cebu, in our opinion and that of clients and friends comes in second to Chiang Mai as a retirement destination. And the reasons are mainly that the cost of living is about $200 US a month higher as compared to similar accommodations and lifestyle here in Chiang Mai. Also Cebu has some infrastructure problems such as ocassional power outages and ocassional water disruptions.

But if you have a backup generator or live somewhere where it is in place
you have a water tank that has a supply of water just in case
then you should be fine and accept the shortcomings.

After all most retiree's in Thailand and Philippines are single men and the main reason they have selected these retirement destinations is due to the availability of lovely local ladies.

Give me a gorgeous Thai or Filipina holding my arm and you can shut off the lights and turn off the water for a few minutes or a few hours and I will promise not to complain.

Not being light of the problem but everywhere we live in the world we have things we have to deal with be it hurricanes in Florida, earthquakes in California, winter storms along the eastern coast of USA and throughout Canada. And that does not cause us to pack up and leave. We accept it and learn how best to deal with it should it happen.

And that applies for Philippines.

Cebu with it's many pristine beaches gets points for that aspect. As we get older we tend not to be sun worshippers but a stroll along the beach in the evening is cool and relaxing and is highly regarded by many retiree's.

We have not lived everywhere in the world and yet we are bold enough to say that Chiang Mai followed by Cebu are the best retirement cities for our retiring clients most of whom are men.

If you know of a place that one can retire on comfortably for $550 US a month and have gorgeous ladies want to be with you in a long term relationship and places with as many things to do as in Chiang Mai and Cebu with prompt affordable healthcare services then drop us a line and we will offer your choice to our clients.

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