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Accommodations in Cebu page heading

Retire-on-750 offers short and long term accommodations to our website visitors and our clients. From budget to luxury we offer you the best value accommodations.

For our Retire clients who are coming to Cebu to check it out first before retiring here we offer short term accommodations that we vouch for and have visited and have photographed.

For our Retire clients who are coming to Cebu to retire we offer short term accommodations where our clients can stay while viewing long term accommodations and we also offer long term accommodations.

You tell us what you want in terms of accommodations, the length of rental, the budget you have in mind and we will offer you the best available properties in Cebu and as we know Cebu we will describe pro's and con's of each area where we show accommodations.

Retire-on-550 became the first retirement service in Chiang Mai and has become the largest and most complete retirement service in Chiang Mai and in all of Thailand.

Real estate agents will rent to you and disappear knowing they will likely not see you again. Our service on the other hand realizes that you are our clients for retirement advice, and accommodations and we will see you again and be there for you while you live in Cebu.

You will therefore receive our best and our honest advice as to accommodations as our name is important to us.

Looking forward to working with you to find you accommodations that fit your needs and pocket book.

Simply email us at:

and tell us when you are arriving, how long you are staying and the accommodations type you prefer.. condo, house, hotel or homestay.

Our sister site in Chiang Mai, Thailand

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