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Welcome to Cebu Philippines home page

The "" website is the # 1 authority on retiring to Thailand and by way of our comprehensive service has enabled hundreds of our clients to retire to and vacation in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Our "" website will offer our clients similar services for clients who want to retire to Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Our "" website will offer our clients similar services for clients who want to retire to Cebu, Philippines.

Two of the most popular retirement countries in the entire world plus the newest hotspot for retiree's ..


Two of the most popular retirement cities in the entire world plus Siem Reap, Cambodia which is similar to Chiang Mai, Thailand and popular with our retiring clients..

Read over all three of our websites that are full retirement information and compare and contrast living in Philippines versus Thailand versus Cambodia. And then you can make an educated decision as to which destination is best for you.

Let's face it moving is stressful and is something We All Hate to do.

But yet if you are not happy where you, find that the cost of retirement living is preventing you from living in the style you are accustomed and realize that you no longer want to live alone then take heart.

Tens of thousands of retiree's have moved to S.E. Asia to live out their "Golden Years".

At first they were all apprehensive and had their doubts but after making the move here they do not want to leave. Virtually all of the retiree's we meet and talk to tell us they do not want to leave.

Retiree's living here realize that things are not perfect here but they all tell us the cost of living is much less than in most countries and that they have their cable tv, hi speed internet, comfortable accommodations, delicious Filipino cuisine
the single men retiree's have Filipina girlfriends with whom to share their retirement.

Affordable costs, comfortable accommodations and a lovely Filipina girlfriend and our clients are happy. Accommodations which we recommend to our clients are viewed by our staff, presented to our clients via e-mail and booked for clients who will be either vacationing or retiring in Cebu.

Just click on a link in the left hand banner and each link has webpages with information dealing with that topic.

Webpages dealing with topics and issues that are of major concern to anyone considering retiring to Philippines.

We all hate moving and it is a stressful event due to the fact that we are leaving our comfort zone and going somewhere else takes alot of planning and thought.

Our service recognizes these facts and provides information to you which is useful and enables you to have the information you need quickly.

And should you decide to visit Cebu to check it out as a retirement destination or proceed to make the move here we will be there with you from "Start to Finish".

Our Retire clients receive information from us as to what to do before coming here, options on how to get to Cebu, and when you arrive you will have our staff meet and greet you and escort you to your selected accommodations.

Our accommodations are larger and better equipped than hotel rooms yet priced less than hotel rooms.

Our sister site in Chiang Mai, Thailand

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